About us

In 2010, we (Keith and Sarah) bought a 36 acre piece of land that was formerly a campground on Zwicker Lake. Sarah, born and raised in Nova Scotia in the Cole Harbour area, had moved to Alberta as a teen with her parents, but longed to return. Keith, born and raised in Calgary, loved the east coast after our honeymoon trip to the province. When we bought the property our three daughters were 5, 2 and 1.

We dreamt of moving there one day and starting up the campground again. But life had other plans for us for awhile, and for the past three years we had resigned ourselves to staying in Alberta indefinitely.

In 2016 we went down to the property with the intent to undertake a few renovations before listing it for sale. It’s hard to manage such a large property from across the country. But when the time came to sign the listing papers, we couldn’t do it. We just weren’t ready to give up on that dream.

We wrote a business plan. Met with septic engineers and county planners and NS Power. Priced out tools and cables and electric meters. Toured local campgrounds and RV parks. And then we went back to Alberta. We waited for our “Nova Scotia fever” to die down. For us to settle back into our lovely home and stable, reliable jobs and realize we couldn’t possibly move across the country to live in a 191-year-old ramshackle farmhouse and attempt to start a business.

Except that’s not what happened. We couldn’t postpone the dream any longer. We decided to sell everything and move to the property.


Since arriving in April of 2017, we’ve made minor and major changes to our plans, based on learning about septic fields and after property surveys. We had hoped to open a boutique seasonal RV resort in 2018, but it appears that a seasonal RV campground may not be possible. We’re still looking into things, but it doesn’t seem likely that we can make it work.

We are still looking into creating a cabin rental business, and will provide more information as we confirm our plans.

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